Super Start to September

Updated: May 8

Welcome to Music Mad Cork!

This September, we are gearing up for a new approach to education. I have refocused the way I teach music to make learning safer and hopefully smoother for my students. With Covid in mind, I have redirected theory studies to an online platform with a focus on interactive learning. This will be achieved through video tutorials and a quiz on the chapter. Results will help me to see where a student is struggling, allowing more time to focus on practical learning in 1-1 class time.

Online learning will be updated weekly with a new topic, students can complete modules as homework or at their own pace. This will ensure music education works for each students level of ability, I operate under the no student left behind mantra and hope to enjoy the learning journey as much as the destination.

Tús maith leath na hoibre!

- Caoimhe

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