Best Breathe!

Updated: May 8

In these times of stress it's important to find a way to relax and unwind. Music being one of the leading way to lower stress rates.

A Study compared leading methods of stress relief following situations of high anxiety in a group of 30 participants. It found the group who listened to music while performing breathing exercises had the greatest reduction in heart rate.

Reducing anxiety is a skill many of us work on daily, instilling these coping mechanisms in children from a young age can empower them to be the most confident and capable version of themselves they can be.

Perfecting breathing techniques and exercises is the first step in any Singing lesson, for many reasons. It is the most important aspect of many instruments, the voice being no different. To achieve the sounds you are aiming for the air you exhale is essential, affecting pitch and tone.

To get the best results, you best breathe!

- Caoimhe

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