A Bit About Music Mad Cork

Learning. Confidence. Fun

Music Mad Corks’ accredited Music and Performing Arts teaching staff focus learning through fun, so you can live confidently!

Are you excited to get involved in music as a hobby or pathway to a more confident you?

Here at Music Mad Cork, my vision of music education with a focus on learning through confidence building and fun activities is perfect for students of any level.

Do you wish to improve your musical talents, but fear you don’t have the time or ability?

We ensure our classes are structured with progress in mind. We aim to improve student's understanding and implementation of musical concepts with each class. There is never a dull or unimaginative moment in our fun packed lessons.

Music Lessons | Here at Music Mad Cork we provide Group Vocal lessons as well as 1 to 1 vocal lessons. We run Drama and Musical Theatre Classes Thursdays 3-5 in Upper Glanmire Hall, as well as Summer Camps July-August.

I really enjoy working with people, of all ages, and love the thrill of understanding when something difficult “clicks” for the first time.

I have a gentle approach that brings great results and believe that learning should be fun and pressure-free. To find out more about my approach, the types of courses and classes I offer or my background, please get in touch, and I’ll be happy to give you more information.